Through this contact form, you can get in touch with different representatives of the house association (KaWoEins e.V.) and allocation committee.

Questions surrounding the network? The e.V. can NOT be contacted here, but instead over at!

In case of problems with the washing machines, please add the exact time slot (with date and am/pm) and the machine, so that we can find your slot. E.g.: Mo 7.11. 9 am dryer 1

    Our Dormitory

    Address: Kastanienweg 4-6, 52074 Aachen

    Email address:

    Who to contact:

    Association: Registration and higher-level issues

    Allocation Committee: Room allocation, application portal and room applications

    Washing machines: Washing machines, dryers and laundry basement

    Printer: Printer and driver installation

    Treasurer: dormitory account and fees

    Bar: bar evenings, bar rentals

    Cinema: cinema evenings

    Fitness: access and maintenance of the fitness room

    Learning room: access and maintenance of the learning room

    Games: Games evenings and games rental

    Sauna: sauna evenings and sauna appointments

    Workshop: Workshop access and tool rental