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All residents of Kawo 1 are allowed to use the workshop for a deposit of 10 Euros. The deposit will be returned to you by the key-lenders after you have left the workshop in good condition.

You can borrow the key for a maximum of 3 days, so that others can also use the workshop in a timely manner. By borrowing the key you accept the rules of the Werkstatt-AG (workshop team).

Our Tools

  • Battery impact drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Stand drill (only for use in the workshop)
  • Various bits (over 100; also unusual sizes)Various drills (in the usual sizes; for metal, wood, concrete)
  • Spirit levels 1m/0.6m/0.4m
  • Various pliers (needle nose pliers, combination pliers, pipe wrenches, side cutters etc…)
  • Wrench (6-28,30,32)
  • Hammer
  • Screw clamps (2 pieces)
  • Files
  • Hole saws/Drill bits
  • Folding rule


The workshop team (Werkstatt-AG) takes care of our workshop, which has the tools for bicycle repair and personal projects. Tool can also be borrowed. It is located in the lower basement of house 1.

Please do not send us any questions regarding your prepaid account or membership. Those are the concerns of the KaWoEins e.V. board.

If you would like to contact the workshop group, please use the contact form.