KaWo 1 offers a range of services. These are enabled by our house association KaWo Eins e.V. forming the legal framework for our student self-administration. To make use of our services, you need to be a member of the house association. For more information click here.

The services are supervised and managed by volunteers in the house association. We are students like you who live in KaWo 1.


Every Thursday at 10 pm we open our doors! Apart from nice music and company you can enjoy a variety of cold drinks, at student’s prices of course.Weitere Informationen »

Washing Machines

In the lower basement of each house, you’ll find a laundry room with to washing machines and two dryers each. One washing cycle costs 1€, the following use of the dryer is free.Weitere Informationen »


There is a large office printer, which can be used by all members. Apart from cheap printing (color / bw; up to A3), making copies and taking scans are possible, too. For more information and an installation guide, please visit the printer page.Weitere Informationen »


The network association (Netzwerk e.V.) takes care of the network infrastructure in the dormitories KaWo 1 and KaWo 3 and offers WiFi and Ethernet access.Zur Website »


In house 2, you’ll find a fully equipped gym, where you can exercise with different equipment and weights. You’ll need to sign up with the Fitness-AG to use the gym.Weitere Informationen »


In house 1 you’ll find a small, but comfy sauna with showers and a relaxation room. We have made it a habit to fire up the sauna every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. Additionally, group reservations can be made throughout the week.Weitere Informationen »

Board Games

You need a distraction from all the stress? Or you want to meet nice people and play a parlour game you haven’t played in a long time?

Every other Wednesday we hold a games night in the common room at 8 pm. There are plenty of board, card, and other kinds of games you can play there or borrow.Weitere Informationen »


In our workshop, you have the possibility to repair you bicycle, lend tools, or work on a project. It is located in the lower basement in house 1.Weitere Informationen »

Music Room

Since 1992 there is a small soundproof room in house 2. You can play on the regularly tuned piano or bring your own instruments of course.Weitere Informationen »

Movie Theatre

We regularly show movies, series or sports events in our cinema in house 2. Drinks are available at student’s prices. The events are announced on the black boards and Telegram.Contact Us »

Barbecue Spot

There is a barbecue spot next to house 1 for all residents to use. A large grill and outdoor seating make it a nice place to hang out in the summer. Please discard the ash in the approbate ash bin and make sure to not leave any trash behind.Contact Us »