Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Both houses of the dormitory have a laundry room. There you can find washing machines and dryers as well as a drying room with a clothesline.

The facilities can be used by all residents of Kawo1. A booking is required to use the washing machines and dryers.

Please see the instructions below for use and booking. There you will also find answers to frequently asked questions and how to get in contact with the washing machine group (“Waschmaschinen-AG”).


Members of KawoEins e.V.As a member you get a discount on washing.1

per washing cycle

free usage of the dryer included.

Non-member residentsIf you are not a member of KawoEins e.V.1,50

per washing cycle

free usage of the dryer included.

Usage Guidelines

If you encouter problems with the machines, please contact the washing-AG immediately!

Due to revision of the selfservice, there is no possibility to book at the moment. You can just use the machines without an appointment.


Summary of the most important information:

  • Washing appointments are booked in the Kawo self-service. You always book washing machine and dryer together.
  • A washing appointment lasts a total of 3 hours and spans two appointment slots.
    • The first 1.5 hours (first slot) are for using the washing machine.
    • The remaining 1.5 hours (second slot) are for using the dryer.
  • Once an appointment slot has started, you will have 10 minutes to unlock and start the machine.

Please be sure to follow the rules and regulations of the washing machine group.

Terms of use

The following rules form the terms of use (“Nutzungsordnung”) of the washing machine group, as described in the regulations of the washing group (“Waschmaschinen-AG-Ordnung”).

Please read the following rules carefully as well as the washing group’s regulations linked below. By using the washing/drying rooms and the machines, you agree to the regulations of the washing group and the terms of use.

We thank you in advance for following the rules!

The premises as well as the inventory (machines, etc.) of the Waschmaschinen-AG are to be treated with care.

The instructions of the Waschmaschinen-AG are to be followed.

The use of the premises and machines is only permitted to residents of the student dormitory Kawo1 and members of KawoEins e.V.. In particular, it is not permitted to make the premises accessible to be used by third parties who do not fall under one of the two groups just mentioned, or to book washing appointments for them.

All repair and maintenance work may only be carried out by authorized and instructed persons. This means that all repair attempts are to be refrained from. Please inform the washing group of the problem at hand.

The use of the premises and the machines is at your own risk. No liability will be assumed for lost or damaged laundry.

The notices in the laundry rooms must be followed.

The regulations of the washing machine group (“Waschmaschinen-AG-Ordnung”) also apply. Ypu can find a linkt to these regulations down below.

The machine, especially the washing drum, must be checked for defects and foreign bodies before each use.

The washing machine must not be overloaded under any circumstances! A maximum of 6.5 kg may be filled in. If in doubt, please load less laundry.

Detergent must be dosed according to the manufacturer’s instructions! This not only protects the environment and your wallet, but also helps to avoid unnecessary soiling due to detergent deposits. The washing groups says ‘thanks you’!

For more tips on proper detergent dosing, see above.

Use the correct detergent compartment:

  • Left (hinged compartment): fabric softener only, no detergent! For the sake of the environment, it’s better to avoid fabric softener altogether.
  • Middle: Detergent for main wash. Please follow the dosage instructions. If prewash is selected, do not use liquid detergent!
  • Right: Detergent for prewash. Use only if prewash is selected. Use only a small amount of detergent, as the prewash program is only short. It is best not to use this compartment at

The washing machine is to be left tidy and in a well-kept condition! This includes, among other things, the removal of obvious dirt in the drum and the seal (e.g. handkerchief remnants, coins) and the removal of detergent residues from the detergent compartment. all.

Please leave the machine door slightly open. This will ventilate the machine when not in use and prevent the formation of mold.

Before drying, please empty all pockets and check the laundry for loose, solid objects. Foreign objects (e.g. hair clips) can get through the filter into the fan blade and destroy it.

Check the machine, especially the drum and lint filters, for faults and foreign objects before each use!

The dryer must never be overloaded! A maximum of 6.5 kg may be loaded. If in doubt, please load less laundry.

Before starting the machine, please check the lint filters for dirt and clean them if necessary. The machine can overheat and be damaged if the lint filter is clogged or overloaded.

The dryer must be left tidy and in a well-maintained condition!

The lint filters in and under the door are to be cleaned after each drying. Please dispose of the lint in the trash can.

Please do not hang down other people’s laundry. If the clothesline is full, try the other house.

Please remove laundry on the line as soon as possible. This is the only way that as many people as possible can use the room.

Laundry hanging in the drying room for more than seven days will be removed by the washing group! Residents will be reminded regularly by email to hang out their laundry.

There is a 4 week grace period to contact the washing group about collected laundry. If the owner has not contacted them after this deadline, the laundry will be disposed of or donated.

A window in the drying room should always be left at least tilted. This will allow the moisture to escape more easily.

Washing group regulations

The regulations of the washing group are only available in German. Please read them carefully and get help by someone fluent in German if you have trouble understanding something.

Frequently asked questions

Fundsachen können bei den Hausmeistern oder bei der AG abgegeben werden. Wir übergeben die gefunden Gegenstände dann auch an die Hausmeister und informieren zusätzlich alle Bewohner per Email über den gefunden Gegenstand.
Warte einige Minuten, ob der Besitzer auftauscht, dann erledigt sich das Problem von alleine. Üblicherweise will dein Vorgänger den Trockner nutzen, welchen er im selben Zeitfenster wie du freischalten muss. Sollte die Zeit allerdings einmal knapp werden, so kannst du die Wäsche beiseite räumen. Bitte achte darauf, sie an einem sauberen Ort (z.B. einem Wäschekorb) abzulegen. Tipp: Stelle deinen Wäschekorb auf der von dir benutzen Maschine ab. So kann dein Nachfolger deine Wäsche bei Seite legen, falls du einmal die Zeit vergessen solltest.

Du kannst so viele Waschtermine buchen, wie du möchtest. Denke aber bitte daran, dass es auch noch andere Bewohner gibt, die ihre Wäsche waschen müssen.

Gebuchte Waschtermine kannst du bis zum Beginn des Termins im Selfservice stornieren. Dazu klickst du einfach auf die von dir gebuchte Maschine. Das Geld wird dir selbstverständlich zurück erstattet.

Achtung: Eine Stornierung ist nicht möglich, sofern der Termin bereits begonnen hat!

Still have questions? Fell free to contact us! You will find more information on how to get in touch with us on the end of the page.


The washing group of KawoEins e.V. (“Waschmaschinen-AG”) takes care of the maintenance and repair of the existing washing machines and dryers in KaWo1. We also take care of the maintenance of this website.

We are the ones to get in touch with if you have questions or problems with the machines or our services.


Please do not send us questions regarding your prepaid account or membership. Contact the chair of KawoEins e.V. instead. Thanks!

Did you encounter any problems or just want to leave feedback? You can always reach out to us. Just click the button below to write us a message. Please be sure to provide an appropriate subject.

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