Prepaid Account

About the Prepaid Account

The prepaid account is used to settle all monetary matters. It is highly recommended to always hold a balance. You can top it up via bank transfer or Stripe. When you move out at some point, the remaining balance will be transferred to a bank account of your choosing. We do not accept cash payment, nor do we make payouts in cash.

On 01.01.2021, balances from the old accounts were transferred to a new accounting system. Printer units were also transferred. Going forward, there is only a single account for all services!

Office Hours

NO physical office hours are currently being offered.

During office hours you can top up your Kawo prepaid account to be able to book e.g. washing appointments or printer units. In addition, you can always ask questions about the association there in person.

Our office hours were relics from the times of manually managed cash registers. With the changeover on 01.01.2021, these are no longer necessary in their old function, i.e. for charging the dormitory account. Residents are able to manage things on their own in our self-service.

However, we will offer keep general Q&A sessions after the pandemic ends. Fellow residents will regularly take time to answer your questions, discuss suggestions or mediate in case of problems.

The Treasurers

If there are problems with your account, you can still contact our treasurers. You can reach them via the contact form.

Feel free to reach out if, you want to help with some of the finance concerning dorm activities.