KawoEins e.V.

Who are we?

The non-profit association KaWoEins e.V. is dedicated to the promotion of student life in the dormitory KaWo1 of the Studierendenwerk Aachen. It represents the interests of residents towards the Studierendenwerk. In addition, the association legally represents the student self-administration of the dormitory.

This association is run by residents for residents in order to make the time spent studying in the dormitory as pleasant as possible. Countless services and activities are organised through it.

Commitment and personal initiative are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fitness room is in house 2, Kastanienweg 4 in the upper basement. To get there, go down a flight of stairs from the elevator on the ground floor and enter the hallway on the left. Follow this corridor until you find the fitness room on the right-hand side.

The unlock button can be pressed throughout the booked period, even multiple times. Accordingly, the door can be unlocked again.

No. So be sure to cancel your appointments when you know you won't use them.

If you often miss your appointments, we recommend setting an alarm clock.

Depending on whether it's the washer or the dryer, you should proceed differently.

Dryer: You can end the dryer program simply by turning the switch to "Ende" or opening the door. Then you can use the machine as usual.

Washing machine: Washing programs cannot be canceled. Please inform the AG about the problem. Additionally, you can request a refund of your credit by clicking the "Report Problem" button and following the instructions. You should be able to prove that you were unable to use the machine, so it's best to attach a photo with a timestamp.

Turn the machine off and, after a few seconds, on again. Make sure to press the door opener long enough (1-2 seconds).

If this does not fix the problem, immediately contact the washing-group.

Never try to open the door with force!

It means that our dorm consists out of floor with 15 people. Five people share one kitchen, bath and shower.
The waitinglist number is a rough indicator about how many people applied before you. The lower this number is, the higher are your chances to be seen by us and in consequence to may be offered a room. Since the suitabilitie for each room varies with external factors, your waitingtime can be between two months or two years.

The rooms are aprox. 12 m² big, depending on the position on the floor. They include a sink, a desk, a cabinet and a wardrobe. You will need to bring your own bed, curtains and chair.


You can reach out to us through the contract form. Please select “association” in the contact form.

Please have a look at this website, especially the FAQ sections, before sending us questions or requests.


Here you can find our current regulations and our statutes. Should you seek other documents related to the association, please contact us.