The Kawo Bar is open every Thursday from 9 pm and offers a different theme every week.

You will find the bar in the basement of house 1, opposite the Aufenthaltsraum.

The Bar AG

The Bar AG is in charge of managing the Bar which opens every Thursday. The members are newer residents as well as more experienced AG members therefore it’s also a good place to meet your neighbors and have fun together. The AG also takes regular trips together for example to the Trivoli or spends a weekend in Belgium together which is always a lot of fun.

Helping out with the bar

The AG meets up every first Thursday of the month in the common room. If you are interested in becoming part of the team–arranging your own specially themed bar evenings & bar keeping–, coming along with us on retreats or developing the bar, you are welcome to drop by. We’ll see how you make yourself behind the counter and if you don’t mess up too badly, you can become a member.

If you have any further questions, you can ask us during the opening hours or use the contact form. You are always welcome to pitch us your ideas!