This is just a preview and subject to change. We hope to open the sauna to all residents as soon as possible.

How to Rent the Sauna?

Reservations can be done online via the self-service portal.

In certain time slots, a reservation of 2 hours os possible for the members of the house association at a price of 1 €. Payments will be made from the existing prepaid account.

The key for the sauna must be borrowed from one of the key lenders in advance.The person borrowing the key must deposit 20€ or his student id. Damages must be reported when returning the key.

The sauna must not be locked during use (emergency exit).

The wood must be protected from sweat by using towels.

Before leaving the sauna, the floor must be cleaned with water and detergent. Mop, cleaner and bucket are located in the shelf.

The last user of the sauna for the day leaves the sauna door open for airing and lets the water out of the bucket.

If the key is returned later than the two hours after each reserved sauna session, the lender will deduct an amount of €0.50 from the deposit. For every 12 hours another euro will be charged.

Public Sauna Hours

Every Sunday between 20:00 and 22:00 the sauna is open, free of charge, for all residents (nude).

There is also an occasional women’s sauna.

Taking Care of the Sauna

From now on, the sauna will be cleaned regularly 2 times a semester:

Normally, one cleaning session lasts 2-3 hours, and those helping will be provided with snacks and drinks afterwards.

Within a year, every sauna visitor who wants to reserve private appointments must clean the Sauna once a year, otherwise the sauna will be closed for that visitor. This procedure has the advantage for the Sauna Association that not too few and not too many people maintain the sauna and especially not always the same ones. In addition, the sauna stays cleaner this way.


The sauna team (Sauna-AG) of KawoEins e.V. takes care of the maintenance and repair of the sauna in KaWo1.

We are also your contact if you want to rent the sauna privately.

Please do not send us any questions regarding your prepaid account or your membership. Please contact KaWoEins e.V. board.

If you want to contact the Sauna-AG, please select Sauna in the contact form.